Your rights as a patient

Patients shall be afforded impartial access to treatment based on availability or as medically indicated.

Patients shall be afforded considerate, respectful care at all times with recognition of their personal dignity.

Patients shall have the right:

  • To be interviewed and examined in surroundings which will assure reasonable visual and auditory privacy
  • To expect that any discussion or consultation involving their case shall be conducted discreetly and that individuals not directly involved in their care will not be present without permission
  • To have their medical record read only by the individual directly involved in their treatment or in the monitoring of its quality
  • To refuse to talk with or see anyone not connected with the practice
  • Personal Safety: Patients shall have the right to expect reasonable safety in so far as the practices and environment are concerned.

Patients shall have the right to know the identity and professional status of individuals providing service.

Patients shall have the right to obtain their complete and current information concerning diagnosis (to the degree known), treatment, and any known prognosis. Patients shall also have the right of access to their medical record.

Patients shall have the right to seek a second opinion.

The practice shall recognise and provide resources to meet the special emotional and physical needs of all patients.

Patient Privacy

All staff in the practice of Dr Tonks will respect and uphold your rights to privacy protection under the new Commonwealth Legislation 1998, Private Sector Amendment 2000, implemented on 21 December 2001.

We will not disclose personal information about you to any person except on a confidential basis to agents that we use in the operation of ordinary operation or out of business, such as for printing, data processing or mailing.

A record will be kept of your treatment. This record is confidential, with access being restricted to health care professionals involved in or reviewing your care and treatment.

The contents of your medical record will be divulged only with your consent, or where required by law. You should note that if you are in a Health Fund, a condition of your membership may be Health Fund access to your medical record.


Our Client Privacy Statement

  1. We acknowledge our obligations to you under the Privacy Amendments Act 2000.
  2. Personal information we collect from you will be used primarily to ensure that you receive optimal care, but may be used for other purposes.
  3. The use of your personal information for a limited number of purposes (e.g. to provide care to you) does not require your consent.
  4. It is our policy to seek your consent to release information to third parties such as family, friends, or other agencies for the conduct of their business in relation to you.