Scar tissue massage: When & how to massage after surgery

Scars are more susceptible to UV damage and get sunburned more easily. Always apply sunscreen and cover your scar in the sun. Scars continue to heal and fade for up to two years after surgery.

Do not commence massage until your incision has fully healed, approximately two-three weeks  after surgery.

Why scar tissue massage?

The main reasons to regularly scar massage are:

  • Decrease scar tissue build-up.
  • Help improve blood flow, promoting healing and the scar’s
  • Drains excess fluid to reduce
  • Helps regain feeling in the area and decrease numbness, tingling,
  • Increases range of movement and the scar’s
  • May help with the appearance of your

How to massage your scar:

  • Apply Vitamin E cream or oil to your scar Vitamin E is proven to help build collagen and massaging with lotion lubricates the skin, cutting down friction.
  • Using the pad of your thumb/finger, firmly massage in a circular motion, hard enough that your fingernail turns from pink to white, without causing pain.
  • Next, gently massage the skin around your scar, and repeat your massaging with a firm circular motion using your thumb or
  • With pressure, slowly slide your finger up the scar while apply Change direction by slowly sliding down.