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Tony Tonks - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Canberra ACT


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there health considerations?

You are strongly encouraged to advise your plastic surgeon of any health considerations that may affect your surgery. Full disclosure of any medications is important for your personal safety.

Smoking should be ceased at least 2 weeks prior to surgery as smoking increases the surgical and anaesthetic risk.

Where will my surgery be performed?

Minor procedures and skin rejuvenation procedures are commonly performed in Dr Tonks’ practice in Barton.

Plastic surgery may be performed either as a day case or with a short hospital stay, dependent on your general health and the extent of the procedure.

Dr Tonks is credentialed to work at Private and Public Hospitals in the ACT including Calvary John James Hospital, (Deakin), Capital Day Surgical Centre (Barton), and for coastal patients, Mogo Day Surgery.

Will I require anaesthesia?

Depending on your health and the extent of your procedure, Dr Tonks may recommend local, twilight sedation or general anaesthesia. An appointment with an anesthetist may be arranged prior to your hospital admission.

What can I expect post surgery?

Plastic surgery and treatments will affect each individual in a different way.

It is important that you gain an adequate understanding at the time of your consultation of the particular side effects ,‘down time’ and other considerations.

Returning to your normal activities is an individual matter that Dr Tonks will be able to provide advice on. Recommendations on matters concerning the use of makeup, sun protection, bathing and showering, wound care and other precautions that may be required will be given to you at your consultation.

Patients are provided with post-operative instructions to ensure a timely recovery and that the best outcomes are achieved. All patients are reviewed following their surgical procedure.

Will I have any scarring?

Scars are the inevitable result of any invasive procedure or surgery. Scarring can be minimized by locating incisions in easily hidden sites.

Advice on additional methods of minimizing scarring will be provided to you prior to your procedure or surgery. This will include instructions on the care of your wound or area involved in your procedure.

What can you tell me about the fees?

Surgical fees vary widely depending on the length and complexity of the procedure. There will also be fees charged by the anaesthetist and the hospital, if applicable.

Fees will be discussed thoroughly with you at your consultation and a quote will be provided prior to your surgery being scheduled.

Some procedures may be covered partly or completely by Medicare and/or your private health fund. However, most aesthetic surgical procedures do not qualify for any Medicare assistance. Your health fund may cover some of your medical costs, but you are strongly encouraged to clarify any out-of-pocket expenses with your health fund in advance.